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Expert Rehab and Remodeling Experience

  • I Have Rehabbed All of My Own Properties

    As an investor, I have rehabbed all of my own properties with the help of my sisters, father and a small group of other helping hands.  While it would have been much easier to hire someone else to do it, I wanted to know and learn how the systems that make up a house work.  I have run plumbing lines, installed electrical wiring and outlets, built walls and framed in windows and doors, installed roofing and decking, installed insulation, heating ductwork, drywall, aluminum and vinyl siding, flooring including ceramic tile, hardwood flooring, laminate flooring and carpet.  I’ve actually sat and read the entire electrical and plumbing code books.

  • Blueprints, Plans and Permits

    I’ve drawn up blueprints and plans for all the required permits by villages like Lake Zurich, Hawthorn Woods and Elgin.  Included in this website is collection of some of the projects I have personally done.  Not hired contractors to do, actually done with my hands and those of the crew that helped me.  I will put my experience and detailed knowledge about houses up against ANY agent, anywhere.

  • The Benefit to Buyers and Sellers

    You don’t need an agent to point out where the kitchen is, you need an agent who can walk into that kitchen and tell you whether the flooring is porcelain or laminate, whether the cabinets are maple or hickory, are the electrical outlets GFCI protected and are they on their own 20 amp small appliance circuit in the electric panel, is the lighting sufficient for working and cooking, or can you add some task lighting without huge expense, is there a disposal and is the dishwasher supply and drain lines routed correctly.  Is the paint satin or semi gloss so it can be easily cleaned? Is the cooking vent routed correctly to exhaust cooking smells? Are the appliances working and maintained?  Is the plumbing copper and pvc or is it older galvanized and cast iron?     These are issues I will help you to understand as we walk through a house if you’re buying. If you’re selling, I will bring this knowledge to help you prepare your house for sale, so there are few, if any, surprises when you find a buyer and they perform their inspection.  Small fixes that can be done will greatly improve your odds of a successful closing, and will keep your buyer from finding faults that will cause them to back out.  Very few agents in today’s market have this level of experience and knowledge to help give you an extra set of eyes that are constantly pointing out problems I find as we walk through a home.

  • Be an Educated Buyer or Seller

    Although I am not a licensed and certified inspector, my clients appreciate it when I can find a problem that they did not see, and save them from spending the money to have a home inspected when the problem I found was enough to cause them to move on.  I do not replace an inspector when buying a home and I will still advise you to use an inspector when we get to that point, but a home inspector can charge $400-$800, depending on what is being inspected.  I don’t charge anything extra for the additional insight and advice I bring to the table.  This is all part of my commitment to helping you become an educated buyer or seller.

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